Formal Language and Automata (FLA) theory is an established area of computer science, originating from the needs of early computer/communication systems and programming languages. Later growth of IT systems and networks in power, complexity and flexibility has raised new challenges for research on FLA.

Some of them, related to our proposal, are: the sequential Turing view of programs as automata is made unsatisfactory by massively parallel systems and the search of suitable distributed/parallel automata models is urgent; huge document files are transmitted, which need efficient string compression and fast parsing methods; image and picture processing is everywhere, and the methods of 2D automata and grammars may offer new ideas for better processing; much web information consists of XML files, which can be modeled by newly investigated families of parenthesis grammars and pushdown automata; last, the increasing dependence of modern society on computer controlled systems imposes a higher degree of reliability, which may be achieved through rigorous methods of design and test based on model checking of specifications in a formal language.

But the interest for FLA is not restricted to IT and is spreading to other sciences. Thus linguistic and brain studies show a renewed interest for the linguistic universals, such as the local testability properties, leading to various families of aperiodic languages; algorithmic research on natural language parsing using structural and statistical information is at the forefront of computational linguistic. In biology, DNA sequencing is a fruitful area of interaction with formal languages.

The conference is situated at the crossroad of theoretical computer science, mathematics, and applications. Our objectives are coherent with the research trends of FLA, as witnessed by recent communications in major conferences, namely CIAA, DLT, ICALP, LATA, MFCS, STACS, WORDS, CPM, whose program committees have frequently included members of our group.

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