PhD Studentship in Machine Learning for Computer Vision

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PhD Studentship in Machine Learning for Computer Vision

 Applications are invited for one funded PhD studentships/teaching fellowships in
Information technology offered by the University of Naples Parthenope, within the
Consortium of Italian Universities headed by University of Milan. Successful applicants
will work in Machine Learning for Computer Vision at  the Computer Vision and Pattern
Recognition Lab


Potential applicants should contact Prof. Alfredo Petrosino at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
to register an interest and discuss possible projects.

Applicants to the Ph.D. program in Information technology will have to demonstrate their
high level of proficiency during undergraduate studies and their fluency in English.

Admission to the School is highly selective; applicants are therefore strongly advised to
make sure that their application contains an exhaustive list of undergraduate courses
they attended, including all grades and efforts in credits, as well as a brief résumé of
their M.Sc. thesis. Applicants are also encouraged to describe in detail their research
program, highlighting synergy with the research themes of the Computer Vision and Pattern
Recognition Lab
of University of Naples Parthenope.

Successful applicants, whose annual income does not exceed 15,000.00  (occasional
self-employed work incomes are excluded), are entitled to get a scholarship amounting to 13,638.47 (gross total) per year.

If an applicant selected to receive a scholarship fails to enrol, the scholarship will be assigned to the selected applicant following in
the list. Information about the application procedure are in order:

All applicants must present their applications by 6 September, 2012. All candidates must  apply exclusively via the Servizi online SIFA facility available on the University website

To access the online application system:

  1. go to the Servizi online SIFA section
  2. select Servizi di ammissione/Admission,
  3. select Ammissione ai corsi post laurea/Admission to post-graduate programmes
  4. select the Phd course as named in the article n. 1

To complete the admission application, all candidates must upload the documents listed below in electronic format (the system accepts files in .pdf .rtf .jpg formats, no larger than 512Kb): 


Please put the following in the subject field: 

"Academic Reference Forms - Ph.D. Program in ". ANNEX

Attention: This form must be uploaded under the heading "Other qualifications"

The undersigned

surname___________________________________ name_____________________________

born in____________________________________ on________________________________


 that he/she submits the list of publications:






that he/she does not submit additional publication or qualification








ICIAP 2013

17th International Conference on
Image Analysis and Processing
September 11-13, 2013 Naples, Italy

PhD Studentship in Machine Learning for Computer Vision



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