Research Projects


PON “Research and Innovation” 2014-2020 - Project  ARS01_01137, Project title "SE4I - Smart Energy Efficiency & Environment for Industry"

Project H2020- Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), Project Title "Integrated Logistics Platform 4.0 (PLI 4.0)"

Project Innovation Lab, Project title  "Cultural Lab of the Campania Region entitled IONEWS" 

FAR Project - Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), Project title "Advanced logistics platform for the control, handling and distribution of goods coming from China and destined to the markets for the consumption of Southern Italy

PON 01_01430/9 PT2LOG, Project title: "Piattaforma Tecnologica Integrata Multiruolo per la logistica Intermodale del  Fresco e del Freddo" - Home page

Project FIRB "Project Ideas" Protocol: RBIP06MMBW, Project title: "Study and Development of Intelligent Techniques and Methodologies for the Realization of a Platform Capable of Advanced Logistics Control, Handling and Distribution of Goods".Home page

Project UniParthenope POR Campania 2000/2006 Grant 3.17, Project title "SOAF: Service-Oriented Analytical Factory" with IN.TEL.TEC. spa. Home page

Project UniParthenope POR Campania 2000/2006 Grant 3.17, Project title: "AMIAV: Multi-Platform Architecture for Ambient Intelligence Applications and Video Surveillance" with CanaleOtto srl. Home page

National Project  of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Project title: "IntelliVite: Study and Implementation of a Smart Sensor Network based on Multivariate Models for the Containment of Adversity in Viticulture".

Major Projects Strategic Project (GPS), Project title: "Advanced Logistics Platform for Control, Handling and Distribution of Goods from China to Consumer Markets in Southern Italy".

Project UniParthenope POR Campania 2000/2006 Grant 3.17, Project title: "On-Demand Information Services Extended Architecture (Odyssey)" with CrossZ Solutions Spa.

European Project Parthenope Leonardo da Vinci Plan I/05/B/F/PP-154132 "Human Resource Tutor Profile".

Research Project UniParthenope funded by National Research Council, Project title: "Attentive Vision Systems for Image Analysis”.

Research Program funded by the PNR 2001-2003 GRID.IT "Enabling Platforms for High-Performance Computational Grids Oriented Scalable Virtual Organizations".