The Blockchain Group is composed of three elements:

  • Dr. Alessio Ferone (assistant professor)
  • Luigi Borchia (Master student)
  • Antonio Della Porta (Master student)

The activities of the group concern the study and the analysis of blockchain based systems in different application fields.
A first project has been developed with the Municipality of Naples with the aim of building a metropolitan consortium blockchain to deliver services to citizens by means of utility tokens. As use case, an adaptive discount token has been implemented along with a decentralized marketplace. This project has been the argument of a Bachelor Thesis awarded by Municipality of Naples.
Another application field concerns cryptocurrencies and their handling in a mobile context. The aim of the project is to integrate hardware wallets and mobile wallet exploiting NFC technology. A first outcome of this project, described in a Bachelor Thesis, is the development of two mobile apps that, hopefully, will be released to the community.
Another research interest of the group concerns the use of the blockchain technology in the context of logistics and, in particular, global shipping supply chain for maritime applications.