The IAPR Summer School on Machine and Vision Intelligence (VISMAC 2018) is organized  by “Computer Vision, Pattern recognition and machine Learning Italian Association” (CVPL), affiliated to International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) with support of Technical Committees TC-03 (Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence) and TC-12 (Multimedia and Visual Information Systems).

The IAPR  Summer School on Machine and Vision Intelligence represents a stimulating opportunity for Master Students, Ph. D. students, Post-Docs, young researchers (both academic and industrial), senior researchers (both academic and industrial) or academic/industrial professionals.

The primary objective of the IAPR  Summer School on Machine and Vision Intelligence is to provide in-depth courses of the state-of-the-art research in Artificial Intelligence, and specifically Deep Learning, for Computer Vision with a global scope aiming at updating participants about the fundamentals and most recent advances of different deep learning architectures, which will be explained through three types of mainstream applications, to image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision.

Organizing Committee

General Chair

Alfredo Petrosino
University of Naples Parthenope, Italy

Program Chairs
Francesco Camastra
University of Naples Parthenope, Italy
Fabio Narducci
University of Naples Parthenope, Italy

Sponsoring Technical Committee

The event is organised and sponsored by:



The IAPR  Summer School on Machine and Vision Intelligence will cover motivations for deep convolutional networks from visual statistics and visual cortex, feed-forward networks for image categorization, object detection, and object-class segmentation, recurrent architectures for visual perception, 3D perception, and spatial transformations in convolutional networks. State-of-the-art examples from computer vision and robotics will be used to illustrate the approaches.

The talks will be organized as mini-courses and will aim at introducing a topic and at discussing approaches, challenging aspects and open issues. Each talk will be followed by a homework session that represents a crucial time to the involvement of the students. Homework will be held with the support of the speaker and a tutor accompanying the session. The participants will be provided with a development kit used for ensuring a fair access to all scheduled homework. Motivated participants who want to share their research and ideas can grab the chance for joining a PhD forum. Moreover, a 24hour hackathon contest will be organised during the school. 

Each participant will be provided with a Development Kit kindly provided by Apple Inc., consisting in a Macbook, iPhone and Apple Watch fully available during the entire duration of the school and meant to support a fair access to homework sessions. Availability is acknowledged to Apple Inc. inside the iOS Foundation Program.


The VISMAC summer school offers a limited number (nearly 6) of partial scholarships for students requesting a financial support. The scholarships will cover partly or fully the fees (which include the full board accommodation and the school courses).

The scholarships are gratefully awarded by IAPR.

All scholarship requests will be evaluated and awarded on the basis of their academic and scientific merits. Precedence will be given to IAPR members.


All participants will receive a certificate of assessment on passing the final examination scheduled at the end of the school. The best poster presentation and report from reading group will be awarded certificates at the social dinner as distinguished participant at the school.

A Hackhaton prize will be given to the winning team for the hackathon theme Vision is APP to you.


All participants will have the opportunity to present a poster and to be selected for publication in a book of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series by Springer and in an international referreed journal by Elsevier.

Partners & Sponsors