Reading Group

Reading with right criticism research papers is one of the most important skill expected to be acquired during the PhD years from students. Such a skill, further, will be continuously cultivate during the following years in academic carreer.  The Reading Group aims at introducing to all students the multiple aspects of this expertise by creating a stimulating environment for discussion and sharing point of view.

The students who intend to join the group will be asked to study one or more research papers that will be provided by the school committee before the school starts and students will collect their perspective view that will be discussed during the Reading Group. The winner is awarded by a prize!

The reading groups

The table below shows the reading groups and the related papers assigned to. For further information, contact the responsible of the reading group Francesco Camastra. He will be available for any question at desk everyday from 19.00 to 19.30.

Group 1
Stefan Akovic
Matteo Bruni
Stefania Cuccurullo
Mario Ruggeri

Paper Group 1
Group 2
Paola Barra
Matteo Bustreo
Alessandro Galdelli
Halil Aytac Kanaci

Paper Group 2
Group 3
Federico Becattini
Michele Corbisieri
Mohammad Khalooei
Luigi De Maio

Paper Group 3
Group 4
Carmen Bisogni
Emanuel Di Nardo
Stefano Marrone
Jovan Mijatov

Paper Group 4
Group 6
Andrea Felicetti
Stefano Pini
Muhammad Shahid
Raffaele Viaria

Paper Group 6
Group 7
Youssef Mourchid
Angelo Porrello
Vincenzo Santopietro
Gianmaria Perillo

Paper Group 7
Group 8
Antonio De Falco
Dusan Njegovanic
Daniele Schicchi
Hassan Zaidi

Paper Group 8