Monday, December 19, 2016

09:30 Registration

10:00 Francesco Masulli (Tutorial), Computational Intelligence and Big Data in Health and Well-Being

11:40 Opening

12:00 Hani Hagras (Invited Talk), General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems For Real World Applications

13:00 Lunch break

Session I: Knowledge Systems
Chair: Stefano Rovetta

14:20 Marco Viviani, Gabriella Pasi, A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approch for the Assessment of Information Credibility in Social Media

14:50 Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Giuseppe D’Aniello, Matteo Gaeta,  Fuzzy Consensus Model in Collective Knowledge Systems: an Application for Fighting Food Frauds

15:10 Massimiliano Giacalone, Vito Santarcangelo, Antonio Buondonno, Angelo Romano,  Transfer Learning Method for the Improvement of Notoriety System Knowledge Base

15:30 Coffee break

Session II: Fuzzy Measures and Transforms

16:10 Salvatore Sessa, Ferdinando Di Martino, Fuzzy Transforms and Seasonal Time Series

16:30 Vincenzo Loia, Stefania Tomasiello, Luigi Troiano, Improving Approximation Properties of Fuzzy Transform through Non-Uniform Partitions

16:50 Elena Mejuto, Salvatore Rampone,  Alfredo Vaccaro, Defining the Fuzzy Transform on  Radial Basis

17:10 Luca Anzilli, Silvio Giove, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment using the Choquet Integral

20:00 Welcome ‘Pizza’ Party

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

09:40 Antonio Di Nola (Honorary Talk), Fuzzy Logic as a Logic

10:40 Coffee break

Session III: Soft Computing and Applications
Chair: Giovanna Castellano

11:20 Paola Galdi, Angela Serra, Roberto Tagliaferri, Rotation clustering: a Consensus Approach to Cluster Gene Expression Data

11:40 Mario Cannataro, Giuseppe Agapito, Pietro Hiram Guzzi, Efficient Data Mining Analysis of Genomics and Clinical Data for Pharmacogenomics Applications

12:00 Simone Bonechi, Paolo Andreini, Monica Bianchini, Andrea Baghini, Giovanni Bianchi, Francesco Guerri, Angelo Galano, Guendalina Vaggelli, Extraction of High Level Visual Features for the Automatic Recognition of UTIs

12:20 Andrea Abate, Silvio Barra, Francesco D’Aniello, Fabio Narducci, Two-tier Image Features Clustering for Iris Recognition on Mobile

12:40 Stefano Rovetta, Francesco Masulli, Amr Abdullatif, Alberto Cabri, Graded Possibilistic Clustering of Non-Stationary Data Streams

13:00 Lunch break

14:20 PhD Forum
Chair: Giosuè Lo Bosco

16:00 Visit of Ancient Naples

20:00 Social Dinner

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

09:40 Witold Pedrycz (Invited Talk), Algorithmic Developments of Information Granules of Higher type and Higher Order and Their Applications

10:40 Coffee break

Session IV: Granularity and Multi-Logic

11:20 Angelo Gaeta, Vincenzo Loia, Francesco Orciuoli, Reasoning with Information Granules to Support Situation Classification and Projection in SA

11:40 Stefania Boffa, Brunella Gerla,  Sequences of Orthopairs given by Refinements of Coverings

12:00 Stefano Aguzzoli, Matteo Bianchi, Minimally Many-Valued Extensions of the Monoidal T-norm based Logic MTL

12:20 Alessio Ferone, Alfredo Petrosino, Feature Selection through Composition of Rough–Fuzzy sets

12:40 Corrado Mencar, Francesca Lisi, A System for Fuzzy Granulation of OWL Ontologies

13:00 Lunch break

Session V: Clustering and Learning
Chair: Francesco Camastra

14:20 Giovanna Castellano, Anna Maria Fanelli, Classification of Data Streams by Incremental Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering

14:50 Silvio Giove, A Decision Support System for Non Profit Organizations

15:10 Giosué Lo Bosco, Mattia di Gangi, Deep Learning Architectures for DNA Sequence Classification

15:30 Michele Di Capua, Alfredo Petrosino, A Semisupervsed Deep Learning Approach to Deal with Data Uncertainty in Sentiment Analysis

15:50 Paolo Masulli, Francesco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta, Alessandra Lintas, Alessandro E. P. Villa, Unsupervised Analysis of Event-related Potentials (ERPs) during an emotional Go/NoGo Task

16:10 Farewell